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Friday, December 26, 2008

The beginning of my life transforming journey

The beginning of my life transforming journey

As I build my organization, first of all, I am grateful to my sister, Ruby, who introduced me to Nutritional Cleansing, to Susan Sly, a self made Millionaire in this business, who mentored me, to my husband, Brad, who is my very best friend, and to my children, who has been a blessing to me. One of the assignments Susan gave our team is to write our story at the present and our story three years from now and here is my story.

Susan would always say it is not the destination that makes the difference but it is the journey. I begin my life transforming journey when I started doing nutritional cleansing last June 2007. Before that, I lived a predictable life. I wake up in the morning. I go to work. I have a long and stressful day. I go home. I have dinner with family. The next day and the next is the same story. Until one morning, I woke up and had to run to the Emergency Room. My heart was beating way too fast. At the emergency room, to solve the problem they reset my heart. At that moment, I felt like a computer. After that point, I realized I have major health issues. Now I have to deal with this heart problem for the rest of my life. The doctor prescribe a pill that I have to take the rest of my life to suppress the problem. Take note it is not to solve the problem but to suppress it. If it occurs again, back to the ER and again they will reset my heart. Or I can undergo surgery. A surgery that sounded so complicated and delicate enough to ruin my heart if anything goes wrong. Blessed that I am, my sister Ruby introduced me to a Nutritional Cleansing System. It was such a revolutionized nutritional technology that when I started using it, my life was never the same.

I found the path I was searching for. I became healthy and excited, I thought I should share this to everyone I know. I made it my mission and I started with my family and then with friends. With my unstoppable spirit, I was successful with some but with others it is still a challenge, though I know with my strong belief in God, myself, the company and the products, nothing stands in my way.

Second part of my journey is my best friend Tes. She is a bit of a challenge. She has major health issues and can be very stubborn but I understand. She is still in the process of discovering this amazing nutritional cleansing technology. But before we go any further, let me tell you a little bit about Tes and why she plays a major role in my journey to greatness.

We came to the United States together, as teachers, with the hope of living the “American Dream.” By our standards, we did. Tes live in Texas and I move to California. We both excel at what we do because we love teaching children. Tes even became Teacher of the Year in her district and pretty soon in the state too. We both are able to live on our own property where we are at and living a good life. Until one morning, I received a devastating news from Tes. She is diagnosed with a life threatening disease.

I was saddened. I felt Tes was really scared. Who wouldn't be? It is a huge challenge. A challenged if surpassed, is a path to greatness. I believe there is a reason for everything. Circumstances happen because it is God's way of sending us a message. I did not say God willed this to be. We are what we are based on all our actions. What I am saying is, God speaks to us especially on times of challenges, it our job to listen. He will show us the way if only we will it. I did my research work and 80 % of cancer is due to malnutrition. I knew I have the resource. I shared the revolutionary nutritional cleansing technology, which will not cure the cancer, but it will bring her body to a healthy stage. And her body will work as the miracle it is meant to be and will take care of the rest. This was my way of telling her I care. I am merely a messenger. It is all up to her to take her life back. It will be a challenge but it is all up to her now.

Like I said, I made this my mission in life, to teach people how to cleanse and be healthy. I chose to step up and do what I have to do and be an answer to somebody's prayer. Three years from now I see myself with my friend Tes writing a book, soaring in our business helping hundreds yet thousands of people with their health, having financial freedom, having the privilege to donate more money to charity, having our own school where learning about nutrition is part of the curriculum and parents are required to cooperate. So let it be written, so let it be done.


Anonymous said...

hi esa! it is such a heartwarming story! it is great to hear that you are okay now and that the revulotionary nutritional cleansing technology has to do a lot with it...hope we can have too here in the philippines. I'm very happy to know that you are healthy and strong now...and im so amazed and so curious about that cleansing program...hope to hear more about it...take care as always and love you miss you..mwah mwah! cecil rojas

Tes said...

Hi Es, I am deeply touched by what you wrote about us. I still remember sitting in the school cafeteria and joking about coming here in America. The feeling during the interview with the superintendent and the joy when we found out they were hiring us…hahaha. Oops, your blog made me nostalgic. Remember when we finally landed? Oh well…

Your friendship has always meant something. Your gift has deeply touched me (us -including Doods). Your gift in the form of Isagenix is actually a gift of life (my second life. My life away from junk food and toxic food!).
We have so much to look forward to, especially with your gift –of a junk-food-free me!

You are a blessing to your friends and relatives. Your mission to help people to be cleansed and be healthy will surely be blessed because of your sincerity and your generous spirit. You have a noble mission. I am not afraid to walk side by side with you in this great mission. In time my friend, I know we will do great things together- write a book, open our own school, soar in our business of helping others, and the opportunity to help various charities or put up one of our own!

Incidentally, we have received the package yesterday and are excited to start with the program. Yours in one of the best I received in this season-of-giving.

We will dream and dream big. Let it be written…let it be done!

Thank you Es. I love you girl!

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