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Thursday, November 25, 2010

All Praise and Thanks to God

Let us give thanks to God;
his love is everlasting!

Glory to the Father, and the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be for ever. Amen. Alleluia!

The Spirit of the Widow

     Christ, our adored and freely chosen Master, at the hour of inner renewal and freedom of consent, fashions and transforms us in such a way, by continuous and intangible action, that the words of Saint Paul become true and we experience this triumphant reality: "It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me." (Gal 2:20). That is, the Christ of interior souls, the Christ of the little ones, and the poor, the one and only, eternally living Christ, whom we can never forget once we have been in his company and communicated with him...

     In times of anxiety and suffering, God sometimes gives, in that deep place in the soul where human torments can longer reach, movements of joy and an intense awareness of spiritual realities, so that one can return to life with its struggles and sorrows. Divine illumination makes the road more luminous and enables us to see our destination.

     We must know how to recognize the important responsibilities contained in the monotonies of everyday life and how to transform them through a lively spirit and love.....

     Let us never look for the result of our efforts for others. It is good for us not to know it, for if we did, pride in doing good, the most subtle pride of all, might follow. Let us entrust to God the prayers, sacrifices, and efforts that we make, without looking back at what we have already done. Let us continue to work and to act for our brothers and sisters and for the coming of God's reign in them......

     A simple human connection can sometimes be the best sermon; a spark can ignite a great fire.

Elizabeth Leseur
(t 1914) was a French married laywoman whose cause for canonization is underway.

Rendering Thanks

     Do not let a day slip by without considering God's favors; praise and exalt his generosity, particularly in contrast with yours, for truly what you deserve is to be deprived of what you already have received. Do not delude yourself about being worthy in any respect, for whatever is meritorious in you is a gift from God. You are nothing but matter stripped of all good and anything you might have is clothing God lends you because he wishes you to have it. Faithfully remember the gifts bestowed by nature as well as those you enjoy by chance and grace and by the promised glory that, unless you happen to lose it through your own fault, is as certain as the rest. Think intently about the special and general graces from the Lord and admit truthfully that you received them from his hand. Preserve them assiduously in the greatest possible purity and love them dearly, but even more, love him who so blessed you. Withdraw and guard against offending grace and the Lord of grace......

     A theologian who agrees with this says: "Woe to those who remain silent and do not acclaim you, Lord, the source of all good things, for even though such people speak at great length, they are mute. Happy the tongue that thanks you, for it fulfills its purpose in life. It now begins the business of thanking your Maker in which it will remain forever."

Father Francisco De Osuna, OFM
(t c. 1540), known as Fray Francisco, was a Franciscan friar and ascetic writer from the Seville region of Spain.
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