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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Day At The Beach

This photo is very special to me because my beautiful daughter Candice took this photo. She was playing around with the camera while I was watching the waves. It was a beautiful afternoon. I was embracing my 41st birthday. I chose to spend it at the beach with my family. It was peaceful and nature provided the perfect ambiance. We had a little picnic and just enjoyed each other's company.

My son staring at the blue sky and the waves, reminiscing.

Mother and son bonding time. We were having a talk on growing up. It was a lovely moment for me as my son enter adulthood.

And my daughter testing the water, wondering if she can take a dip. Not a chance, the water was pretty cold.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wall Kicking Moment

I started my day so beautifully, excited to go to work, pick out the perfect dress, until I got into my car. Driving less than a mile. I notice my break lights are forever on and started smelling like something is burning. I felt it's not safe to continue driving, so, I decided to call work, took a day off and took care of the problem. Still looking forward to a perfect day, I got home and just got more frustrated. The house was a big mess . All kinds of stuff all over the place. A fowl stench led me to the kitchen. Whoever was responsible to take out the garbage failed to do so. Everywhere I look is just adding up cortisol in my brain. I took a breath, closed my eyes and said a prayer. I realized there are two things I can do. Leave the mess as it is and spend the rest of the day stressing oout and eventually drive myself nuts and get angry. Or I can be more productive for my own good, saving myself from insanity by cleaning up and enjoying the rest of the day in a clean and happy place. Later during the day, I am on a calm state, I will deal with whoever is responsible in a constructive way. I chose the latter. For the reason, I intend to save my relationships and in the process teach my children on taking responsibility and consideration for others. For me relationships are more important and in this experience we all grow up closer to one another in the context of loving, caring and respecting the people around us and not taking advantage of any situation.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

"The Success Principle"

One of my favorite book is Jack Canfield's "The Succes Principle." I read this book over and over, especially on days when I am needing inspiration and direction. Chapter 1 alone is so profound. Chapter 1, "Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life", easier said than done, but, once I did it, I realize life became easier became less complicated. It's pretty simple. If I get fat I can't blame it on anything but me. First of all fats would not accumulate in my body have I not ate too much bad food. So, who's responsibility is it? Mine. I did not look anywhere to blame for the challenges I encounter. I look at myself and evaluate all my actions. From there I make a decision to learn from it and do what is right. With this in practice, growing up takes place and things start to fall in the right place at the right time making me happy and making the people around me happy. Going back to getting fat, if I put in so much unhealthy food in my body which makes me feel miserable because of the toxins and impurities, I know I have to take responsibility for the consequences. Therefore, I do something about it. I get rid of it through nutritional cleansing. Eventually, I start feeling revitalized again. Get your dog a sombrero
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