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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wall Kicking Moment

I started my day so beautifully, excited to go to work, pick out the perfect dress, until I got into my car. Driving less than a mile. I notice my break lights are forever on and started smelling like something is burning. I felt it's not safe to continue driving, so, I decided to call work, took a day off and took care of the problem. Still looking forward to a perfect day, I got home and just got more frustrated. The house was a big mess . All kinds of stuff all over the place. A fowl stench led me to the kitchen. Whoever was responsible to take out the garbage failed to do so. Everywhere I look is just adding up cortisol in my brain. I took a breath, closed my eyes and said a prayer. I realized there are two things I can do. Leave the mess as it is and spend the rest of the day stressing oout and eventually drive myself nuts and get angry. Or I can be more productive for my own good, saving myself from insanity by cleaning up and enjoying the rest of the day in a clean and happy place. Later during the day, I am on a calm state, I will deal with whoever is responsible in a constructive way. I chose the latter. For the reason, I intend to save my relationships and in the process teach my children on taking responsibility and consideration for others. For me relationships are more important and in this experience we all grow up closer to one another in the context of loving, caring and respecting the people around us and not taking advantage of any situation.


Salitype said...

in applaud you for dealing the situation on a positive and productive just shows the kind of person you are, calm under stress.....

nice posts, i learned a thing or two from it, thanks!


Tes said...

I admire your take on responsibility and preserving relationships. In the end, it will be worth all the effort to magnify these values!

I agree with you, pausing to weigh things helps us to "not sweat the small stuff."

Anonymous said...

Good one, I will feature this in my site once it is up and running. I will feature you as one of our writers!

Liz said...


Very nice blog, enjoyed reading it! =) Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog! *smile*

Have a wonderful weeeknd! ~Liz~

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