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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Road To Healthy Habits 1

OI want to be healthy, look, and feel fantastic by the time I am 48 which is rapidly approaching. July 24th to be exact. I think I've been doing good so far. I have been getting up as early as 5:30 am since Tuesday to do a 15 to 30 minutes of workout to start my day. I need to work on my diet though. I am eating healthy but caught myself cheating with junk food a couple of times. To strengthen my will power I have been reading and watching documentaries on healthy lifestyles. I envision myself looking fantastic everyday & making it my idenity. Consistency is the key. I keep going & eventually I get there. 

The photo below is proof of success when I lived on balance focusing on mindful eating for an active mind & body. I always use myself as my inspiration to embrace the gift, beauty & potentials God has given me to be of service to others by example. 


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