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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Graces of the Rosary

The rosary is a magnificent gift of God to humanity, because through this prayer we attain extraordinary graces. For some, it is an old monotonous prayer, but we can testify to you that it has real efficacy of healing, liberation, peace, and reconciliation. The rosary must articulate the dawn, the afternoon, and the sunset of life; our entire existence. The sunrise of each day is the beginning of our lives: for this we fix our gaze on the birth of Jesus and we meet him through the "yes" of Mary, so that our lives, too, can be born again, can begin every day with him and can say "yes" to his project of love for us today. Then there is the first afternoon, adolescence,which is often the most problematic age, where we search for the deeper reason for things. When you are twelve, thirteen, or fourteen years old, you begin to see the defects of your parents, school begins to be restrictive for you, the differences between rich and poor make you suffer, you do not know whom to take sides with, and you have an incredible struggle with your emotions. Sometimes you have a strong conflict with yourself and with all that surrounds you. It is a moment that we educators are never really prepared for, in order to give true and convincing answers to the deepest questions which the young people place upon us on their objections. For this, in the first "afternoon" which is adolescence, when you are not given many answers, we pray the sorrowful mysteries, because the passion of Jesus heals our wounds, negative memories, and the violent and angry judgements which at that age provoked false rebellion inside of us on the path of evil. Then the moment of the evening comes. To recite the third rosary is already to foresee the years of tiredness , of old age, of sickness; the sunset of life. With the rosary in your hand, you will not be discouraged and you will have clarity of mind and a full and extraordinary freedom in your heart. Contemplating the resurrection of Christ, you will prepare your heart for the definitive encounter with him and you will discover that your suffering "gives birth" to a new life, which is the concrete reality that waits for you in heaven. 

Mother Elvira Petrozzi
Foundress of Comunito Cenacolo, welcoming the lost and desperate in 56 houses in 15 countries


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