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Saturday, October 3, 2009

One Afternoon With The Girls

These are some of my students from last year. They are the most adorable kids I ever had in my class. Not only are they smart, they are also very active in sports and performing arts. I am proud of my students. I have been getting feedbacks from parents and present teachers how they have grown and performed so well in all areas of academics. I will never forget this group. I had so much fun with them. Every now and then I would see them around the school. They would give me the biggest hug ever and express their love to me. Every time I am touched by their affection. Before they go home, they would always pass by my room and say goodbye to me. I sure miss them everyday. I am looking forward to their success in the future. I can't wait to see them become leaders of their chosen field. They promised me they will keep in touch and will keep up with their excellent performance. They have shared their dreams and aspirations to me and they know I will always be there to support them.

To my 2008 adorable students, I miss you all. It was a fun  and productive year for all of us. With all the challenges we encountered we all grew up, learned from it and became a better person. I wish you all the best.


Salitype said...

oh! that was such a joy to hear. God bless you for being a positive force to these kids is heart warming to know how well loved our kids in school are.

have lovely day.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting article. Be the molder of the future generation that will shape history in the coming age. You are their guiding light in their path. Keep the light lit that they will find you back whenever they would encounter darkness.

Anonymous said...

Good one, I will feature this in my site once it is up and running. I will feature you as one of our writers!

Tes said...

Esa, you have always been a conscientious teacher! Your students are very lucky to have a caring, creative teacher who will go the distance for them!

To education and educators! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like last year's students miss you as much as you miss them.

+JMJ+ said...

This was so touching for me to read. YOu sound like the ideal teacher. God bless you in your witness and impact on your students!

Anonymous said...

Loved your message You Go Girl that is what it is all about!
Your Mom and fellow teacher!

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