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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hidden Villa

Hidden Villa is a nonprofit educational organization that uses its organic farm, wilderness, and community to teach and provide opportunities to learn about the environment and social justice.  Hidden Villa stretches over 1600 acres of open space in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, about 40 miles south of San Francisco. 

Hidden Villa was founded by Frank and Josephine Duveneck, who purchased the land in 1924 and offered it as a gathering place for discussion, reflection, and incubation of social reform. Over the following decades, the Duvenecks established the first Hostel on the Pacific Coast (1937), the first multiracial summer camp (1945), and Hidden Villa’s Environmental Education Program (1970). The Trust for Hidden Villa was established as a nonprofit in 1960.

The Duveneck House

Keerthi, Abi and I are all excited to get in the bus.

In the bus, Anna and Shannon are having a wonderful time. They wanted me to seat with them but it was a 2-seater. 

Ian, Tyler, Dylan and his mom got all geared up. We are so lucky it was a rainy day. We all had to wear ponchos. I am so tiny I had to wear the kid's poncho. 

That's me with Betty. Betty, a happy cow was very delighted to meet us. She felt like a celebrity all the kids wanted to touch her and take pictures with her. 

And of course Ruby, she is the friendliest. I took her photo because she is the only one who approached me and wanted me to pet her. I did. Her wool was the softest. She is adorable. 

That's Eric and I after lunch at the  Duveneck House. All fed, happy and ready to go. We are seating on a century old chair. Isn't that awesome! I was wondering how many people of different generations have sat on that chair and what were their stories. Hmmmm! 

Hike to the top! I am afraid of heights. I can't believe I made it. 

On our way back to school, Eric fell asleep. Everyone had a great time. It was a fun and educational trip. We surely want to do it again even if it's raining and muddy. Much more fun!!!


Tes said...

Oh wow, looks as if you guys really had a good time! You look so cute in your poncho, Es! Amazing century old chair -it must hold so many secrets! Field trips are so educational. Nothing beats hands on learning. :) Enjoy the week ahead!

Anonymous said...

You wrote that all the kids wanted their pictures taken with Betty. By the look of it, not just kids wanted their picture taken with Betty. That was a very nice picture of you with Betty. I like the poncho, and you have a beautiful smile.

Unstoppable Spirit said...

Of course, teacher wants a picture with Betty too.

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